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• June 2002 Toyota Technical was established in Akaike, Nisshin as a sister company of Art Technical & Co. Ltd. Business related with Toyota Motor Corporation was started.
• July 2002 The development team of original br /and customised car was foamed.
• Jan. 2003 Toyota Technical was incorporated, capitalized at 10 billion yen. Nagoya office was established.
• April 2003 The customised car “Caserta” designed by Toyota-Modellista was adopted on company Car.
• May 2003 The advertisement offering employment was started on a recruitment web site, Mainichi Career Navi.
• July 2003 Specific Workers Staffing Service Permission was obtained.
(Permission number specific 23-010194)
• June 2004 Fee-Charging Employment Exchange Service Permission was obtained.
(Permission number 23-yu-300017)
• July 2004 The 3D-CAD training booth was established in Nagoya office.
• April 2005 Sports event were supported to deepen a friendship and exchange information between the employees.
• May 2005 The short language studying abr /oad was held to encourage the employees see things globally.
• Nov 2005 The approach toward overseas universities and language schools was expanded.
• April 2006 The recruitment toward universities and technical schools was expanded nationally.
• Aug 2006 The members of short studying abroad in Perth, Australia were collected.
• Oct 2006 The ceremony of purifying the Art Technical & Toyota Technical Building was held.
• Nov 2006 The first recreation for the employees was held. (Experience of making ceramics at Kurokabe Square)
• Apr 2007 The second short studying abroad (ALE seminar) was held. (Oxford, Kenbridge)
• Oct 2007 A/T Technical Building was completed. (The training centre and the accommodation for the employees)
• Nov 2007 The second recreation for the employees was held. (Komono, Gozaisho)
• Nov 2007 Big Ryukyu Art Festival was held in Nisshin Community Centre.
• Apr 2008 The third short studying abroad (ALE seminar) was held. (Cairns, Australia)
• Nov 2008 The third recreation for the employees was held. (Aichi Farm)

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