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Business Outline
• Outsourcing
The design of machine
  Automobile related products: body, power train, chassis
Product design, Molding die design, Machine tool design, Special-purpose machine design
Products Layout, Industrial robots design, Industrial robots system construction
CAD system in use
3D: CATIA V4/V5, Pro/E, etc
2D: AutoCAD, etc
The development of software
  System development, operation, management
VB, VBA, Java, C, COBOL, C++, etc

• Human resource Development training & Education
CAD technique lesson
  Toyota Technical believes in the importance of the improvement and continued education of its employees in the following three fields: human skills, communication skills, and technical skills. It is difficult to produce good results if you cannot communicate well, even if you have outstanding technical skills. That's why Toyota Technical helps its employees develop not only their CAD skills but also the human skills required in business.

• Cultural lesson
  Okinawa Sanshin and the Ryukyuan dancing

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